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London Fencing Club Tournament 2024

London Fencing Club Championships 2015 All members - from the recent beginners to the seasoned competitors - are invited to take part in the annual London Fencing Club Tournament!Date: Saturday, 13 July 2024. Venue: Finsbury Leisure Centre, Norman St, EC1V 3PU.Check in and the starting timesCheck inFights start2023 ChampionMen's foil1 pm1.15 pmJJW.... read more

Pilates for fencers - Injury prevention and rehab

Victoria recently started fencing with us and as a Pilates teacher has taken a keen interest in the sport. She is developing a series of exercises to  optimise fencers' movement technique in order to help them to recover from injury or even better, prevent injury from happening in the first place! Below are the links to her first workout a.... read more

To win you need to lose: training fights

The topic which regularly comes up in fencing discussions: how important is winning? Should one strive to win every fight? Not unless you are taking part in an important tournament. When you train, you should allocate the energy to improving your technique rather than focusing on winning. Most of the fencing technique is acquired during the individ.... read more

On Forte and Foible

Etymology The forte refers to the part of the sword or foil where the blade is strongest, just above the hilt (that’s the handle). The word derives from the French adjective fort, meaning “strong.”If words are your forte, you might know that forte is the word for one’s strong point, or an area in which one might consider oneself an expert: .... read more

Ten Benefits of Fencing for Children

Fencing is a challenging sport which is great for children who want to try their hand at something a little more unusual in their after-school classes. Learning how to fence will also provide a wide range of different benefits to help keep your child happy and healthy.1. Fencing will keep your child moving: Fencing burns off plenty of energy, so it.... read more

Priority (Right of Way) in foil fencing

Rules of priority in foil fencingPeople who just started fencing are often bewildered by the rules of priority. Below is a quick summary to help you get the grasp of the idea.OriginIn the duelling times it was considered a very dangerous practice to attack your opponent while he is attacking you. This often resulted in both being killed. No winner,.... read more

How to make a fencing lunge in 12 easy steps

Lunging1. Start by extending your weapon arm.2. Kick with the front foot, while making a strong push with the rear leg.3. Swing the left arm back for balance and extra momentum.4. Land on the heel of the front foot and then continue moving forward until the rest of the foot is on the floor.5. Straighten the rear leg, lock the knee, sole of the back.... read more

Protect your femoral artery

Protect your femoral arteryDear All,With the new season upon us I need to remind you to protect your femoral artery, which is the second largest artery in the body located in your thigh. Although it can be defended by the low parries 2, 7 and 8, the best protection of this important blood vessel is achieved by wearing strong fencing breeches. In th.... read more

Are You a One Trick Pony?

by Tim GadaskiSo many fencers would benefit from coaches advice I thought I'd write about variety: not the entertainment mix but the variety of fencing actions: something we, coaches, would love to see more of during the bouts. Unfortunately, what we often see are fencers who keep using the same action again and again, whether or not it is suitable.... read more

Personal equipment storage

As you might be aware the Club has a small storage room at Finsbury Leisure Centre. This room is designated for the Club equipment, such as the outfits for the beginners and the electric scoring sets.For many years we have also allowed Members to use it for storing their personal equipment free of charge.As the number of the personal bags left in t.... read more

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