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Friday Fencing

From 28 October 2016 a new weekly training session will become available to the members. The new session will take place on Fridays from 7 pm to 8.30 pm at our usual Gymnasium of Central Foundation Boys' School. We invite foil and epee fencers to join this session either by adding it to your current training plan or by switching from another sessio.... read more

Changes to Sabre rules

Recently the FIE introduced two new rules concerning the sabre fencing. The blocking time between the touches (time when both lights can come on) has increased from 120 ms to 170 ms. This meant to encourage more technical fencing: parries, ripostes and counter parries which fencers now have more time to perform. The counter attack becomes less eff.... read more

Fencing tournaments for children

Fencing tournaments for children, autumn 2016 to 2017 Below are some epee tournaments suitable for young fencers and located in London or within some reasonable distance. Please follow the links to the organizers' websites to find out the details of the tournaments. More tournaments and the updates can be found on http.... read more

London Fencing Club Championships, July 2016 Results and Photos

London Fencing Club championships 2016. Thirty fencers took part in the Club Championships 2016 last Saturday. Recent beginners and seasoned competitors, all fenced in courteous and creative manner, so more deserving the refreshing drinks and the food afterwards. Well done to all participants and congratulations to the winners! omen's foil Kivia Ja.... read more

Fencing equipment for sale

The Club has stock of fencing equipment available for purchase. The equipment is good quality, suitable for club or intermediate tournament fencing. The prices are significantly cheaper than those charged by the big suppliers. Here is the list and the comparative pricing. Prices compared Leon Paul Club .... read more

Trip to Barcelona

Barcelona tripFencing trip to Barcelona London Fencing Club is invited to visit SAM Esgrima Barcelona, the main fencing establishment in the city. The club is highly recommended by our own Agata who fenced and coached there during her Catalan period. Our programme will include a couple of training sessions with the adult fencers of the club and po.... read more

Club ranking system updated and improved

London Fencing Club Ranking system  Updated and improved the Club ranking systemWhat is it?The Club ranking system enables you toLeft handers often prove to be tricky opponents... 1. Keep the record of the training bouts. The winners receive points which are accumulated throughout the year to create ranking positions within the Club2. Keep perso.... read more

Fencing classes for beginners in May/June 2016

Dear All,The starting dates of the forthcoming fencing classes and some very enticing discounts are now on http://www.londonfencingclub.co.uk/beginners_classes.phpBook today! Suitable for complete beginners. All equipment provided..... read more

Valentine Day fencing class for couples

Make your Valentine Day memorable forever by engaging in the most romantic of all sports! We invite you and your partner to take part in 2 hour class which is specially designed for couples who'd like to try fencing together. Duel, swordplay and do not forget to book the dinner afterwards - you'll be hungry, very hungry!Book your places .... read more

Foil tip of the day

What foil fencer hasn't experienced the annoying intermittent white light in the middle of the fight. The light which normally indicates an off target hit, comes on at the mere clash of the blades. The fight has to stop and  the long procedure of checking the weapons, the wires and the spools ensues. Can this be avoided? The most common reason fo.... read more

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