How to make a fencing lunge in 12 easy steps

1. Start by extending your weapon arm.
2. Kick with the front foot, while making a strong push with the rear leg.
3. Swing the left arm back for balance and extra momentum.
4. Land on the heel of the front foot and then continue moving forward until the rest of the foot is on the floor.
5. Straighten the rear leg, lock the knee, sole of the back foot should be fully on the floor.

Lunge position
6. Front arm fully extended, hand just above the shoulder.
7. Right angle in the front knee.
8. Left arm extended above the rear leg.
9. Make sure you have a good balance.

Recover from lunge
10. Unlock your back knee and pull yourself back using the rear leg.
11. Help by bringing the left arm back to the torso.
12. Make sure you've recovered into a proper on guard position with the bent knees, the bent front arm and a good balance

Fencing lunge

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