Personal equipment storage

As you might be aware the Club has a small storage room at Finsbury Leisure Centre. This room is designated for the Club equipment, such as the outfits for the beginners and the electric scoring sets.

For many years we have also allowed Members to use it for storing their personal equipment free of charge.As the number of the personal bags left in the room increased, managing them started to pose an issue. Despite the addition of the extra shelves, the bags often obstruct access to the Club equipment and have to be regularly shifted around and repositioned. It seems that the problem is exacerbated by some abandoned unmarked bags.

We are introducing a number of changesbag tag to the personal equipment storage to make it more manageable.

1. All bags stored in the room must have a clearly visible tag with the name of the owner of the bag. Please either use your own tag or ask the coaches and we will provide you with one. Unmarked equipment will be recycled.

2. From January 2019 a monthly fee of £7 will need to be paid by Members using the storage. The only exception is for the small single weapon bags which can be still stored free of change.

This fee should be paid on the 1st of each month by a standing order direct to the Club bank account. Please put your name as reference.

Please note that we cannot store large wheeled bags.

The Club is not responsible for any possible damage to the personal equipment and Members should use this storage at their own risk. Please do not leave any valuables.

Thank you for your understanding!

From December 2018 Newsletter

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