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First of all, congratulations on your choice: it's an original and sexy present! The voucher will entitle your friend either to take part in one of our beginners' classes, or to have 4 hours of individual fencing lessons, or have 10 hours of individual lessons combined with 2 hours of practical fencing sessions when they'll fence with the members and the coaches of our Club. The voucher will be emailed to you as an html file, so you could print it out and present to your friend. Then they will contact us to finalize the details (the times of the lessons or the starting date of the class).

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Introductory fencing class, 6 lessons, £ 180.00
Individual Fencing Lessons, 4 hours, £ 312.00
Individual Lessons and Fencing Practice, 12 hours, £ 880.00
Fencing course for two people, 4 hours, £ 432.00

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